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Electronic Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing Services


FRB Design provides a comprehensive solution for product design and development.  Whether you are starting with just an idea for a product or need an exisiting design refined and developed, FRB Design has the experience to take you from to proof of concept to small run prototypes and finally to either low or higher volume assembly and manufacture.  FRB Design's fully equipped shop allows for the initial design and prototyping to be efficiently done in house.  A CNC router is used to customize off the shelf aluminum enclosures and the 3D printer creates custom plastic enclosures, parts and assemblies.  With a capacity of 16 x 24 inches, our 80 watt laser cutter is used to fabricate custom plastic and wood assemblies for enclosures, mechatronic assemblies and much more. FRB Design has established relationships with Chinese manufacturers for volume PCB manufacture and assembly, parts sourcing, injection molding, and customized enclosures.  3D design and modeling along with software design and development services are provided to close the loop on product development.


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Electronic Design

  • RF

  • Digital

  • Analog

  • Mixed Signal

PCB Design

  • 2 & 4 Layer

  • Prototypes

  • Low to High Volume Production

3 Axis CNC Routing

  • 24 X 36 inch Capacity

  • Aluminum

  • Plastic

Sheet Metal Fabrication

CAD/CAM Design

  • Autocad

  • Solidworks

  • CNC

Prototyping & Assembly Services

3D Printing & Design

Third Party Assembly & Manufacturing Services

Mechatronic & Mechanical Design

Laser Cutting & Engraving 
16 x 24 Capacity

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